The Wide Awakes are an open-source network who radically reimagine the future through creative collaboration.

We are a community of voices that welcome the ideas and membership of ALL as we grow this movement to create a new culture together in pursuit of liberation of mind, body, and spirit.


Anyone can be a Wide Awake! Ask questions, open your eyes, and jump in.

Eyes Open. Cape On.


in the name of Interdependence and collaboration

We are infinite, disruptive, visionary, accountable. We want the radical complexity of diversity. We believe creative liberation is a game and all of us can play now and forever. We can emancipate ourselves without violence. We don’t need to be told what to believe or how to engage, we just need to be inspired to question what’s there. Broadening perspective yields a safer world.

We reclaim our inherent right for joy, for autonomy, and liberty. We reject extraction and finite games and embrace regeneration, abundance, and infinity in their stead. 

We stand, virtually and in reality, awakened internally, spiritually, psychologically, and eternally.

Our principles

Mindfulness, Generosity, Radical Listening, Clear and Honest Communication, Personal Responsibility, Accountability


Wrong or no access token.


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