Join us for a global participatory event as we revive and remix the Wide Awakes Grand Procession. There will be activations both online and across the globe where we will gather in joyful collaboration to pursue liberation of mind, body, and spirit.

Please use any and all of the open-source tools and programming suggestions below to activate your community in collective joy on Wide Awakes Day, October 3, 2020.


Together, we will:

Create a joyful, mindful, aesthetically vibrant and music-filled atmosphere

Facilitate safe, respectful, social-distanced demonstration

Encourage the exercise of one’s civic duties & participation through voter registration and mobilization


1. Show Up & Activate

The Wide Awakes are everywhere. Visualize Wide Awakes Day 2020 and see how the network is activating.

Don’t see an activation happening near you? Initiate one with any of the tools or programs found within this Toolkit!

Submit your activations to be added to the map here



We need volunteers for the New York City activation. Sign up here!


Create a Processional Route to Circle Specific Locations for Big Moments.

On October 3 of 1860 the Wide Awakes marched in the name of emancipation. They held torchlight parades around the country; in Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, and through lower Manhattan, all carrying lanterns and clad in oilcloth cloaks. Revive and remix this tradition with a Grand Procession of your own.


Tune In 

@wideawakes2020 on Instagram

The Disquisitiv Show (wide awakes activation from the year 2032) will be on Facebook Live at 2:00 PM (EST) to celebrate the 172nd anniversary of the Wide Awakes Grand Procession

A celebration of voting at 2:00 PM (CDT)

2. Empower civic participation

Provide voter reg education & tools 

Lift Every Vote

Daily musical performances nationwide at 6:46 PM as a reminder from musicians to exercise Civic Joy by voting.

Text AWAKE 33339

Tech tools needed to help citizens register, vote, and track their status through Ballot Ready and will provide training and material for artists, institutional partners, and regional guides willing to engage. This tool is courtesy of our collaborators at For Freedoms.

3. Reach hearts & minds

Lead in meditation or prayer

Use this act of collective mindfulness to anchor your community  firmly in the work and the interdependence of our world. It is alongside one another that we can bring about true justice and liberation.

4. Make art


Call on local DJs, Musicians, Speakers, Organizers, and Artists to plan a joyous community gathering. 


Display artwork

Interdependence 2020 (A collaborative artwork by Tariq Trotter (Black Thought) and José Parlá with animation by Maryam Parwana and music by Black Thought & Diamond Mine.)

For Freedoms


Cape making

We will provide basic cape patterns and DIY cape instruction videos. Gather a group and make capes inspired by the Wide Awakes of 1860. Be creative with your fabric choices! Use recycled fabrics or prints that tell a story about your community. 


Poster making

Make posters to bring along to processions, demonstrations, and protests. Improvise on a blank slate or use some of the templates provided by our community:

Wide Awakes branding


Flag making

Make your very own Wide Awakes flag to bring on the road for future activations.

Some inspiration from our network:


Open-source branding

The Wide Awakes branding is available to everyone. We invite you to iterate upon and reinvent the assets provided by our collaborators at Otherward. Make art using eyes with teardrop irises! Amplify events in your community by posting on social!

Tag us @wideawakes2020 & hashtag #wideawakesday

5. Shop Wide Awakes 

Buy in

Support future Wide Awakes projects and look dope doing it by purchasing products from our first round of collaborative merchandise or as a reward for supporting our collaborative Kickstarter campaign.


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